British men’s Olympic selection

Sam Oldham was highest AA in the last competition. Here are the most recent results – the London Open. The last opportunity for the guys to make their case for Rio.

1. Max Whitlock 91.200
2. Nile Wilson 89.800

3. Sam Oldham 88.300
4. Brinn Bevan 88.200
5. Dan Purvis 86.350

I saw those scores on Papa Liukin.

There’s all kinds of online coverage of the 2016 British Trampoline Championships. But not much on the London Open men’s competition. 😦

Good luck to the team selectors for Rio. Max and Nile are locks, I’d say. But there are dozens of possible combinations for the rest of the team. I can’t see taking Louis with all those excellent AA contenders. Brinn Bevan is back in the mix!

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