Belgium Olympic qualification

For the single Men’s position in Rio:

* The priority will go to event specialists. They will have to reach a certain score to make it to the Olympics: 15.310 on floor, 15.382 on pommel horse, 15.588 on rings, 15.088 on vault (2-vaults average), 15.544 on parallel bars and 15.033 on horizontal bar.

* If an all-arounder scores 87.281 this Saturday, he will automatically earn his spot for the Games.

* If none of the two criteria above are met, the best all-around gymnast in Rotterdam will represent Belgium in Rio.

For the women’s team:

If a gymnast scores more than 56 points in the all-around in Rotterdam, she will automatically earn her spot in the team. The final selection will be made on June 29th and will be announced to the press on that day, along with the name of the male representative. …

Details on Belgian Gymnastics Blog.


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