Sam Mikulak 91.650 to 4peat

91.650 on day 2. 🙂 Here are the combined totals:

1. Mikulak 181.500
2. Brooks 179.850
3. Dalton 179.000
4. Modi 178.750

5t. Melton, Whittenburg, Moldauer 177.550

Scores are high in the USA for some guys, some apparatus. Selectors will need to redo the math with more realistic international numbers. Perhaps the WAY over-scored NCAA judging is part of the cause.

18 men will advance from the P&G Championships to the men’s Olympic Trials on June 23rd and 25th. Both competitions are considered Olympic selection events …

of the 18 athletes who will advance to the men’s Olympic Trials were named immediately following the competition. The remaining five will be named later on Sunday night:

Sam Mikulak
Jake Dalton
Donnell Whittenburg
Chris Brooks
Paul Ruggeri III
Akash Modi
Alex Naddour
Yul Modauer
Marvin Kimble
CJ Maestas
Sean Melton
John Orozco
Eddie Penev

Sam Mikulak wins fourth consecutive all-around title at P&G Championships

UPDATE – These 5 were added:

Danell Leyva
Donothan Bailey
Kanji Oyama
Steven Legendre
Brandon Wynn

Mikulak Surges to Win 4th Straight U.S. Men’s Gymnastics Title

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