Jaymes Marshall – Amanar

The 12yr-old Colorado gymnast from TIGARS at J.O. Nationals.

Click PLAY or watch it on Facebook.

Click PLAY or watch another view on Facebook.

Amazing. But most coaches would conclude that there’s no reason to do this difficult a vault at this age.

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4 thoughts on “Jaymes Marshall – Amanar”

  1. It actually doesn’t look bad… better than like alys. A lil low on landing but not bad in entry and form wise. I agree it might be too early but it looks like she can handle it. same thing with Jordan chiles… if she has the ability and can handle it. why not… It will give her a lot more time to perfect it… As long as she wasn’t like pressured into doing it…. Now I hope she will work on other events too as one great amanar by itself is good but you cant win the war with only a good amanar.


  2. I think into a pit or mats in a pit gymnasts of this caliber need to be doing hard skills at a young age. But a hard surface is a different story. Of course I don’t know this child or if this is an infrequent thing.


  3. I hate seeing gymnasts so young pushed to do so much difficulty. Most never make it and end up so injured they can’t continue in the sport. Many more quit before they even reach that level. Such a waste and not a good thing for the sport.


  4. The landing is quite low and she’s still twisting — her coaches should back her off until she can handle the skill with more ease. Her 5 falls in the competition is a sign that she’s trying too much. A double layout, double double, whip triple and full-in on FX is reportedly her passes.


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