UCLA wins Pac-12

UCLA 197.250
Oregon State 196.925
Utah 196.925
Cal 196.725

Another excellent meet. Stanford was 5th.


UCLA wins 2016 Pac-12 Gymnastics Championship
BBS LIVE commentary:

… (UCLA) still expect to do better, but they also got some severe beam gifts today, and I thought floor scores were sort of fictional throughout.

UCLA pretty clearly the best team of the day after Utah’s beam, but I’m impressed how close it ended up and how close all four of the sides were. Would have loved to see how Stanford would have fared competing at the same time.

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One thought on “UCLA wins Pac-12”

  1. Wow once again ucla overscored just like the whole sec this is a joke. Yes Utah had some issues Bon bb but overall they looked better it’s the judges playing favorites. But it’s really bad in the sec with the blatant overscoring too bad


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