Jazzy Foberg, Ari Agrapides, Laurie Hernandez

Maggie (Haney) and MG Elite have helped put New Jersey on the map right up there with Texas as a “gymnastics state.” The gym boasts powerful, tough, and artistically-minded elite gymnasts, 13 and 14-year-olds with more performance ability in their pinky fingers than many experienced senior elites have combined. It’s been a welcome breath of fresh air to the U.S. program and The Gymternet can’t wait to see what these young ladies can do in the future.

Lauren Hopkins interviewing coach Maggie Haney:

What do you see in Laurie, in Jazmyn, and in Ari that makes each one successful at a high level in an elite sport? What is the biggest thing each has overcome to succeed?

Laurie, Ari and Jazzy are all special in their own way. Laurie is exceptionally beautiful. It is hard to take your eyes off her when she is doing gymnastics! She is my ideal look for a perfect gymnast. She is also a magnet for the crowd. Everyone loves Laurie!

Ari is a little powerhouse. She is raw potential. Ari loves to play and try new skills. She has time on her side, so I am not in a rush.

Jazzy is a very well-rounded gymnast who is the total package. She does not have a weak event. She has great legs on floor and vault, she can swing bars with the best of them, and she is very consistent and has a great presentation on beam. She has improved so much in the past year; I do not think anything is out of her reach.



Laurie will not be competing Championships. She’s still recovering from injury.

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