Commonwealth Games wrap-up

Though I followed the competition closely online, I still learned a lot from the most recent GymCastic podcast.

Jessica, Blythe, Emma and Jamie chat about:

Did Australian head coach, Peggy Liddick’s controversial plan to take potential event medalists and leaving their all-around champion at home (work).

Our fears that the British media are portraying Fragapane as the next world champion and will set her up for unreasonable expectations. …

Dipa Karmakar’s double front vault. Was it worthy of it’s namesake, the great Produnova? …

The most anticipated pommel horse show down since the 2012 Olympic Games. …

Ellie Black vs. Claudia Fragapane in the vault finals–we discuss whether or not the outcome was fair. …

episode 108: The Commonwealth Games

___ related:

Let’s Talk Gymnastics posted some entertaining AWARDS from CWGs:

WAG Winner: Olivia Vivian (AUS)
MAG Winner: Adam Cox (SCO)

WAG Winner: Team Wales
MAG Winners: David Bishop (NZL)-floor and Wah Toon Hoe (SIN)- vault


WAG Winner: Farah Ann Abdul Hadi (MAS)
MAG Winner: Nile Wilson (ENG)


2014 CWG’s Awards Part 1

2014 CWG’s Awards Part 2

2014 CWG’s Awards Part 3

Those certainly are the happiest major Games. 🙂


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