CAN MAG Apparatus Finals

1. Morgan, Scott
2. Loran, Anderson
3. Smith, Hugh

1. Clay, Zachary 14,500
1. Cruz, Evan 14,500
3. Smith, Hugh

1. Stanescu, Robert 15,150 (6,800)
2. Morgan, Scott 14,550 (6,400)
3. Smith, Hugh 14,100 (5,800)
4. Lytwyn, Kevin 14,000 (5,700)

1. Morgan, Scott
2. Gazer, Wolfe
3. Cachia, Damian

P Bar
1. Gafuik, Nathan
2. Clay, Zachary
3. Mitchell, Taylor

H Bar
1. Paterson, Cory
2. Loran, Anderson
3. Lytwyn, Kevin

official results

Rings and Pommels are critical for Canada in future Team competitions.

Click PLAY or watch Scott Morgan’s Rings on YouTube.

Coach Vali told me Scott got 0.2 less in start score than they had hoped.

Click PLAY or watch Zachary Clay’s Pommels on YouTube.

Ken Ikeda, our Pommel man, was injured on Vault landing. Jackson Payne, another of our Pommel guys, is just returning from 2 years away in Korea. Anderson Loran has strong Pommels, too, but did not compete that apparatus this competition.

New National Coach Tony Smith will be fitting the pieces together to come up with the highest Team score. With potential for individual apparatus Finals.


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