CAN Apparatus Finals

National Championships 2014 are history. 🙂

Becca from Gymnastike posted results.

1. Tsang, Briannah
2. Chant, Maeghan
3. Peterman, Kirsten

1. Black, Ellie
2. Onyshko, Isabela
3. Moors, Victroia

1. Onyshko, Isabela
2. Peterman, Kirsten
3. Merkle, Stefanie

1. Moors, Victoria
2. Chant, Maeghan
3. Merkle, Stefanie

official results

Ellie elected to compete only Bars, resting her foot. An injury from many years ago that bothers her from time to time.

Check Tori’s Moors from the Final.



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