Temple transition to Club

Fred Turoff:

At the Temple Board of Trustees meeting Monday, varsity men‘s gymnastics along with four other sports was confirmed to be terminated after June 30. (Crew and Rowing were reinstated due to the outside funding received to renovate their boathouse, not costing TU anything.)

It was stated that we would be assisted in a transition to university club status. While this will keep us from enjoying the type of competition we’ve had in the past 88 years, looking at the bright side, it will allow us to continue training young men toward collegiate competition, but not toward an NCAA Championship. However, there are meets we can enter as a club team and two national meets, so we should enjoy several challenging competitions each season.

Of course, being a club means we no longer have a budget provided by the athletic department. Yet, one trustee, Lewis Katz, offered Fred a $70,000 yearly challenge grant – as long as that amount is raised, he would contribute $70,000 to our club. This will enable Fred to fund team travel, uniforms, personal equipment and be salaried. (Should enough be raised, we could even fund an assistant coach.) The pledges folks have made already for the next five years indicate that we can raise this kind of funding and provide a terrific experience for any male gymnasts who want to attend Temple and compete for our club team. We’ll still count on your support as long as we exist, and hope you will offer it to whomever follows coach Fred. We don’t yet know how and where to deposit donations for the club, and will contact all once more is known.

A great concern is what this means to ECAC and NCAA men’s gymnastics.

Thanks for all you’ve done for Temple Men’s Gymnastics and the support you’ve shown us. We’ll continue to search out ways to reverse the decision, but at least we have a future where we’ll continue gymnastics at Temple.

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