sports Mom goes too far

Get Me Psyched blog had a widely shared post last week:

Tags: children, children in sports, healthy-living, mental toughness, parents in sports, positive coaching, pushy parents, sports


… The coach stood there and stared at me. And then it hit me. And I left like an idiot. I was pushing and pushing my daughter to do something that I actually thought was scary and insane. I wouldn’t get up on the high dive, but I was screaming at my daughter and in the meantime I was ruining my relationship with her because I wanted to be special. I wanted to be supermom. I didn’t realize nor care that my daughter just wanted to have fun. She had no intention of competing in diving.

I looked at the coach, smiled, and said “Well played coach, well played.”

Well Played Coach, Well Played.

Click through to read the whole story.

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