glimmer of hope for Temple

PHILADELPHIA – January 28, 2014 (WPVI) — Coaches and students at Temple University got to state their case … to try to save their team. A closed door meeting was held to discuss the university’s decision to cut several varsity sports. …

Temple President Neil Theobald said this is not something he wanted to do, but they are simply so overextended.

“I certainly will consider everything that was said today. I did hear some new information that I hadn’t heard before,” Theobald admitted. “And we will come back to the board with our consideration of everything that was said today and see we’re open to all ideas.”

Temple Univ. athletes plead to save their sports

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I was at a South Africa training camp this weekend with Jesse Kitzen-Abelson, MAG Coach at Pinetown Gymnastics. Jesse was a two-year co-captain for Temple, graduating 2011.

Would Jesse be a coach today if the Temple program had not existed?

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