Youth Olympic Games 2014

Aug 16-28 in China.


Just like at the Olympic Games, Men’s and Women’s Artistic, Trampoline and Rhythmic Gymnastics are included in the sports programme in Nanjing.

Artistic Gymnastics at the Youth Olympic Games features All-around competitions as well as Event Finals on the six apparatus for the men and four apparatus for the women, respectively. The YOG do not include a Team competition. Trampoline is on display with individual competitions for men and women and Rhythmic Gymnastics includes an individual All-around as well as a Group competition.

What are the age requirements for gymnasts qualifying for the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games?

Women’s Rhythmic and Artistic Gymnastics participants must be 15 years old, (born between January 1 and December 31, 1999) and Men’s Artistic and Trampoline participants need to be 16 – 17 years old (born between January 1, 1997 and December 31 1998.)

What is the quota for each Gymnastics discipline at the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games and how is it divided for each continent?

A total of 84 places – 42 for men and 42 for women — have been allocated to Artistic Gymnastics. Europe has 19 places each for men and women; Asia has 10 places for the men and 9 for the women (including one host country place in each for China). Four places each have been allocated to Africa; America has eight places for the men and nine for the women; and one place each has been allocated to Oceania.

Individual Rhythmic Gymnastics has a quota of 18 places, divvied up into seven for Europe, four for Asia (including one host country place), three each for Africa and America and one for Oceania. Each continent may qualify one Rhythmic group, with Asia having an additional host country place for China, bringing the total up to six places.

Twelve places for men and women respectively have been allocated to Trampoline Gymnastics. Europe has a quota of four places each, Asia three each (including one men’s and or one women’s host country place for China), Africa and America have two places each for men and women, respectively, and Oceania may qualify one man and one woman.

Fast facts with 200 days to go before the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games

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I’m a guest this weekend at the South African Men’s Team Camp preparing for Cottbus, African Championships, YOG and the other big meets of 2014.


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