NCAA Men at #WChAntwerp

Many, including me, doubted that the Americans would score as well as they did in Antwerp. Nor have much of a chance for medals.


The U.S. Men looked GREAT.

Final Worlds medal count:

USA 4 … NCAA trained = 3

Floor 2nd. Jacob Dalton 6.700 + 8.900 = 15.600

Rings 3rd. Brandon Wynn 6.700 + 8.966 = 15.666

Vault 2nd. Steven Legendre 15.249 Final

Click PLAY or watch Jake’s FX on YouTube.

Tamayo a little suspect that time. … What’s the value of “Biles?” 🙂

Click PLAY or watch a post-Rings interview with Brandon on Gymnastike.

Watch more video of 2013 World Championships on

The judging panel decided his L-cross press to inverted cross was piked in the Final. Layout in prelims. Thus the 0.1 difference in start value.

Click PLAY or watch Steve’s Vaults on YouTube.

John Orozco, who trains at the USOTC was 3rd on P Bars. (15.533)

AND for most of the competition it seemed destiny that Michigan’s Samuel Mikulak would finish 2nd AA. One mistake dropped him to 6th.

Full results.

Thank ?@OnoNoKomachi1

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