China needs mini Cheng Fei’s

Beautiful Gymnastics did some analysis on the The State of China concluding:

… China are in desperate need of mini Cheng Fei’s as they’re still lacking in the power event categories, with an overemphasis instead on their pet events.

They do have springy powerful looking young girls like Wang Yan and Liu Tingting but still crying out for depth in the power department …

Shang Chunsong

That .gif is one of many posts on Tumbl tagged Shang Chunsong.

related – Shang Chunsong – Floor / Beam from 2012 Asian Championships

A top nation like China needs all-arounders like Shang Chunsong. They can’t afford to carry too many specialists. Perhaps not even one.

Unless she was as good as Cheng Fei on Floor and Vault.

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