Russian coaches confirmed

Andrei Rodionenko Head coach, men and women

Valentina Rodionenko Senior coach, men and women
Valery Alfosov Senior coach, men
Evgeny Grebenkin Senior coach, women

Nikolai Krukov Senior coach, junior men
Olga Bulgakova Senior coach, junior women
Nikolai Yepishin Senior coach, boys and girls

Gennady Elfimov Coach, women
Alexander Alexandrov Coach, women
Anton Stolyar Coach, women

Vasily Ivanov Coach-acrobat, women

Marina Bulashenko Choreographer, women
Olga Burova Choreographer, women

Vitaly Olgychev Coach-masseur, women
Vladimir Timonkin Coach-doctor, women

Nikolai Suchilin Coach, technical preparation, men and women
Sergei Ryubakov Coach-engineer, men and women
Dmitri Skakodub Administrator of the training process, men, women
Andrei Belikov Coach-operator, men, women
Alexei Yushin Coach, men, women

Andrei Dukhno Coach-acrobat, men
Vladimir Gaverdovsky Coach, men
Alexei Blyushka Coach-masseur, men
Konstantin Lyskov Coach-doctor, men

Ludmila Mamontova Choreographer, men, juniors

Sergei Andrianov Coach, technical preparation, juniors
Yuri Korolev Coach, technical preparation, juniors

Yuri Barinov Coach-acrobat, juniors
Artem Voinov Coach, technical preparation, juniors
Dmitri Gusev Coach-acrobat, juniors

Larissa Efremova Choreographer, juniors

Dmitri Kurov Administrator of the training process, junior teams
Yuri Golubev Coach-masseur, juniors
Alexandra Popova Coach-masseur, juniors
Sergei Gulevsky Coach-doctor, juniors

Grigory Marsov Coach-doctor, juniors

Igor Kozenkov Coach, technical preparation, boys and girls

Elsewhere, it has been confirmed that Viktor Razumovsky is now personal coach to senior WAG Anastasia Grishina.

All that’s from a Rewriting Russian Gymnastics post which has details.

Russian coaches


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