Stoica to challenge Grandi

FIG President Prof. Bruno Grandi (ITA), who runs for a fifth term and has gone unopposed at previous elections, will be challenged for the presidency by Adrian Stoica (ROU) and Vassily Titov (RUS).

Mr Stoica currently holds the position of FIG Men’s Technical Committee President, while Mr Titov has been a member of the Executive Committee since 2009 and is also a member of the Marketing Commission. …

FIG – Candidates line up for FIG elections


As has long been rumoured.

Grandi will win one last term in office, I’m sure. Adrian Stoica has not proven that he would be any better a replacement. It was his MTC bungling the 2004 Olympics that led to the current Code of Points. Led us to the current state where many winning routines have bad form, poor technique, bad line.

Hopefully a real alternative to the status quo will emerge, if not by the coming election, then the one after.

If you don’t know Stoica it’s because he keeps a low profile, just the opposite of Bruno Grandi. Here’s a rare interview from 2011. (VIDEO)

I don’t know Vassily Titov.

The other interesting election has Stoica challenged for the position of Men’s TC President by Mr Steve Butcher (USA). Steve would be far better, I feel, but doesn’t have much experience yet on MTC.

Ms Nellie Kim (BLR) runs unopposed. Surprising. She could easily be defeated, I would think, by others on the WTC.

Here are the FIG Men’s and Women’s Artistic Technical Committees with their Romanian hosts at the most recent meetings.

Leave a comment if you know more about the TC elections.

It’s one vote / member FIG nation. Bahrain gets a vote equal to China and Russia. They call that “democracy“.

(via Full Twist)

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