Bust a Move Delay Mirror

Marcin Jachmann, a Capoeira devotee, is promoting an app called Bust a Move Delay Mirror.

It’s a video delay application that continuously shows what just happened seconds before. It’s easy to vary the time delay, depending on the situation.

So simple, it works.

In my first day of testing, our best use was at the end of the Beam. A 6 sec delay. The girls would step off the Beam and check their alignment.

The app works hands free. Set the time delay to whatever you wish, and leave it running.

There is also a 2×2 mode so you can have 4 independent views with independent delays. This way you can watch the same skill 4 times in a row.


Of course you can use either the front or back facing camera, depending on the situation in the gym.

Here’s the link to the app in iTunes ($2.99) if you want to try it yourself.


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Rick Mc

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