ACL Rehab Protocols

Jessica Savona is expert, having recovered from two anterior cruciate ligament tears in her career. She said the second was easier, having learned how best to do it during the first.

2010 World Champion Aliya Moustafina is back, but not yet with the level of confidence that she showed pre-injury.

Now Peng Peng Lee is in the process, getting her knee back for College gymnastics.

The Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy just released an issue specifically focusing on the knee. One of the main themes was ligament rehabilitation. They posted some grim statistics from a recent meta-analysis that only 63% of ACL repairs continue on to their pre-injury level of function and that only 44% of these athletes go on to become competitive again. They also quote that the odds of reinjuring the same knee or the opposite knee after surgery range from 3% to 49%. …

EAT. MOVE. IMPROVE. – The Dreaded ACL Tear – Rehab Protocols from JOSPT and Solutions for Coaches and Trainers

Sounds grim.

… On the other hand, ultra-fit and young Artistic gymnasts are far outside norms when it comes to rehabilitation. If they are motivated, they can be back close to 100% within a year.

Ask Savona.

All 3 I mention happened to be injured vaulting twisting Yurchenko on FIG approved competition matting. Is it time to reassess those landing mats?

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