why did Gabby leave Excalibur?

When Gabby Douglas went looking for a new gym in 2010, I’d heard money was a factor. The article linked below talks $20,000.

Gabby’s Mom says her daughter had been on a club “scholarship” with Excalibur. But that doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere.

Certainly the coaching at Excalibur is excellent. … It had to be something more than that.

… suggestions of subpar coaching sting Dena Walker, who opened Excalibur with her husband, Jim, in 1998, and Gustavo Moure, a pioneer in private gymnastics in his native Argentina.

This is as professional as it gets,” Walker said of her gym.

Hawkins had moved her daughter to Excalibur at age 8 from another local gym.

As Douglas advanced, Walker and Moure shared the work, as they do with other top athletes – Walker focusing on floor exercise and balance beam, Moure on vault and uneven bars.

Under their watch, they say, Douglas developed skills she’s wowing judges with now, including the daunting, 2-1/2-twisting Amanar vault. Chow, in an interview, credited Walker in particular “for bringing (Douglas) up to this level. We just kept building the newer skills.”

Insiders know what’s what, said Sandy Stageberg, mother of an Excalibur gymnast, Randy Stageberg, who reached the ’08 Olympic Trials. …

read more on a Virgina news site – For gymnast with local ties, it’s Olympic dreams and hard feelings

Click PLAY or watch one of her American Cup Bar routines on Gymnastike.


Watch more video of 2012 American Cup on gymnastike.org

She’s a super talent. Both Excalibur & Chows should get heaps of credit for developing one of the best gymnasts in the world.

USA Gymnastics should try to do more to acknowledge the “developing” coaches of their National Team members.


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