OUCH – Vanessa Ferrari interview

Fierce. I’ve loved the Ferrari since she unexpectedly won Worlds in 2006.

Height 143 centimetres (4 ft 8 in)
Weight 36 kilograms (79 lb 6 oz)

Tough as nails.

With nicknames like “Tiny Dynamo” and “The Cannibal“, I shouldn’t have been so surprised — even shocked — by this interview:

Translated for Couch Gymnast by Giulia Holzer:

I wanted to share with readers an interview with Vanessa Ferrari. It was recently released in an Italian newspaper.

… it shows a sad, uncaring and even rude Vanessa, but also … some interesting content about her life and career.

As you might already know, Vanessa’s relationship with journalists has never been the best. …

Q. Do you feel in a prison?

A. Yes. If I could be born again, knowing things, I would no more do this life. I do not know what to choose, but not this one. The sacrifices were too many, lasted too long.

It’s bleak. But fascinating. She’s one of the most unique characters in our sport.

Vanessa vs. The Press Part One
Vanessa vs. The Press Part two

Vanessa finished 11th AA at 2010 Worlds, robbed of a medal on Floor.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

She finished 12th AA at 2011 Worlds.

At the 2012 Test Meet she was 1st AA and did win Floor.

Good luck at the London Olympics Vanessa!

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