Britain after Beth

Going For Gold posted the 2012-2016 training squad for Great Britain:

back row L-R – Lizzie Beddoe, Ruby Harrold, Jess Hogg, Billie Mackenzie, Ruby Straw, Loriah James…

front row L-R – Amy Sharp, Venus Romaeo, Laura Mitchell and Rebecca Tunney

read the analysis – Britain after Beth

Update from Inky in the comments:

That pic and squad list is from early 2010, I think. It’s the training squad for last year’s junior Euros. A couple of those girls are now retired or have been MIA all year through injury. All of them are technically eligible for 2012.

BG recently issued the new Performance, Potential and Start squad lists. IMO, the ones to watch for 2016 are Gabby Jupp, Rebecca Tunney, Angel Romaeo, Raer Theaker, Abbie Caig, Charlie Fellows, Tyesha Mattis (if still competing?)…

related – Bea on Gymnastics No Ceilingwill there be life (or World team finals) after Beth?

Gabrielle Jupp, Rebecca Tunney, Abi Caig …

Other gymnasts to watch: Loriah James, Raer Theaker and Angel Romaeo.

As a conclusion, the Brits have a fantastic junior team. I think that, even though Rebecca Tunney becomes a senior next year, they stand a good chance of winning the Junior TF at 2012 Euros.

Check the comments on this post for more. Not surprisingly, some strong kids are not mentioned. … 4yrs is a long time hence to be making predictions.

This week British Gymnastics released their WAG World Class Squad lists. See the list on Full Twist.

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