update on Mike Outram

Here’s the official information from Gymnastics Ontario’s Ruth Simpson:

As reported to you by email message on Thursday, December 3rd, Windsor Vistas coach and NCCP Facilitator Michael Outram recently sustained serious neck injury while he was involved in a personal activity at a gymnastics club in Michigan.

Gymnastics Ontario has been in touch with Michael’s family and here is the latest update:

• Michael has been moved to Windsor’s Hotel Dieu Hospital

• CBC Windsor recently interviewed him …

• Members of Michael’s family are posting information on Facebook

• Michael’s family has opened an account in trust at TD Canada Trust if you would like to lend support: #0125 6321315

• According to his sister, Melynda, Michael has a bit of movement in one of his legs. They are very appreciative of the support they have been receiving.

• Cards can still be mailed to Michael:
c/o Windsor Vistas Gymnastics, 2996 Deziel Drive, Windsor, ON N8W 5H8

Our thoughts are with Michael and his family at this time.

Mike was interviewed again today on the A Channel at 6pm tonight.

In an article in the Windsor Star he explains exactly what happened:

… “I did a half-in, full-out, and I hit the bottom of the pit, which isn’t good, I’m about two inches shorter,” the 43-year-old with the heart of a kid joked during an interview from his bed at Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital Wednesday. He said he never lost consciousness. “I didn’t even lose my gum.” …

read more – Popular Windsor gymnastics teacher, Mr. Mike, paralyzed in accident

His spirits are high. And some movement has come back in both legs. Fight on, Mike.

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