Bars – overshoot to handstand

by site editor Rick McCharles

Here’s a video of the worst fall I’ve ever seen on “overshoot to handstand”, high to low, on Bars.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

It looks like Yvette Moshage was OK. I hope so.

On this site I’ve consistently recommended coaches train Pak as an alternative with a much greater range of error. And much lower risk of deduction.

Many coaches disagree, however.

I should go visit Folger’s Gymnastics in Wichita, Kansas. Mark Folger posted a very persuasive case in support of the overshoot:

… My girls believe this is the easiest skill of its value in the code of points (because that’s what I tell them and because it is). Girls who compete this skill reinforce that point for the girls who are learning it. It takes very little physical effort to perform it properly. …

Click through to see Mark’s very interesting series of 1-arm release progressions – Underswing 1/2 to Handstand or Bail to Handstand (VIDEO).

(via It’s About Artistic Gymnastics and Shergymrag.)

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