USA Project 2012 Winter Session

Great news. The event I call a “Poor Man’s USA Gymnastics Congress” is BACK. This is the second session of 12wks.


Alison Arnold
Tammy Biggs
Chris Burdette
Kim Zmeskal Burdette
Tom Forster
Mary Lee Tracy
Russell Warfield
Mas Watanabe
… and more


Highly recommended.

With the mission of broadening gymnastics education to coaches around the country, the Academy of Coaching Excellence presents, Project 2012: a Web Event for Coaches highlighting the essential techniques for gymnastics success in the next quadrennium. This 12-week event brings the best coaches in the United States to your computer screen doing LIVE lectures and demonstrations on the most important cutting-edge information in our sport.

NEW! Winter Congress beginning Tuesday, November 3rd through December 8th 10am PST/12pm EST.

Each session consists of different topics. Participate in one or both sessions depending on your availability and interest. Coaches will learn cutting edge information from the best clinicians in our country! Sessions include 45 minutes of lecture and 15 minutes of question and answer, using live lecture, video, power point, and of course your questions, all on your computer. Watch it live or watch the recording from anywhere you’d like.


home page

There are only 50 spots available. Ask your club to register one time for the event for all the coaches in your club. You can pay for the subscription from the professional development budget, assuming you have one.

The cost is US$199 / 6wks. (Since the value of the American dollar is dropping like a stone, it’s a better “deal” for those from other countries than Session 1.)

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