proposed changes for the 2012 Olympics

Recommendations from recent FIG meetings in Cape Town, South Africa:

only 8 teams from World Championships 2011 will qualify for the 2012 Olympics

… in the past, this has been 12 teams. The final 4 teams would qualify through a different system.

team size to be reduced from 6 gymnasts to 5
… opening up additional spaces for more individuals

The source of this information is GYMmedia (in German).

These changes will be controversial. But are inevitable, I think. Given the current code of points.


  • decline of the importance of the Team competition
  • decline in the importance of the all-around gymnast
  • increased number of excellent specialists (Van Gelder, Pegan, etc.)
  • more opportunity for the “weaker” gymnastics nations to be competitive
  • It’s good and bad, I think. Perhaps more good than bad.

    Of course these are only rumoured recommendations. Leave a comment if you know more. Or have an opinion on what FIG should do instead.

    (via Lightbulb Hands)


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