International Gymnastics Federation elections

Slava-Corn.jpegAt the 2004 General Assembly of FIG in Turkey, the Italian Bruno Grandi was elected as President of the International Gymnastics Federation with votes from 86 of 96 nations. Grandi hasn’t been all bad.

He’s running for election again in 2008 — unopposed, it seems — with that vote taking place in Finland in October. There is the possibility of a nomination from the Floor, I assume. Personally, I wish Vice President Slava Corn would run for the top job.

Pretty boring stuff …

But if YOU happen to be interested, FIG has posted a list of candidates (PDF) for those elections.

The disastrous Adrian Stoica is running for reelection as Men’s Technical President. NEW candidates up for MTC include Steve Butcher (USA) and Edouard Iarov (Canada).

Nellie Kim is running again for WT President.

My opinion is that IOC and FIG are structured so that it is very difficult for a new person to unseat an incumbent. That corruption and vote influence is commonplace. That there is very little incentive for FIG to improve or change. And that the organization is most undemocratic.

AND that the IOC is even worse.

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