build your own ab-wheels

I often assign “wheelies” or “roll-outs” to athletes in a general conditioning program. (Advanced only. These drills can be hard on the lower back.)

Ross Enamait explains in detail the making of his custom ab-wheels:

Why Bother?


Before constructing this tool, you are likely wondering why bother with such a project. Why not simply purchase a two handed, store bought model? I have my reasons…

In addition to its unilateral benefits, the single handed model allows for several additional movements (demonstrated within the video …). Many of these exercises would not be possible with a traditional wheel.

The single handed wheel also offers a smoother, more controlled roll when compared to many of the poorly constructed (plastic) models. The lawnmower tires that I use are also built to last …

Furthermore, traditional wheels have become slightly more difficult to locate in recent years. After the ab wheel craze that came several years ago, many of the wheel manufacturers have either gone belly up or simply abandoned the product. Five or six years ago, I can remember purchasing cheap wheels at Wal-mart for just a few dollars. Wal-mart no longer carries the wheels however. You’ll likely need to spend more money for a product that is still poorly constructed, sitting atop plastic wheels that lack stability. As you can see, the homemade wheels may not be such a crazy idea after all. …

RossTraining – Articles

Click PLAY or watch Ross demonstrate how to use them on YouTube.

(via Straight to the Bar)

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