how to contact the FIG Technical Committees

I believe that IOC (International Olympic Committee) and FIG (International Gymnastics Federation) are quite undemocratic.

Worse, they are very unaccountable.

fig.gifA group of coaches asked me recently how to send input to the Men’s Technical Committee of FIG.

From what I could find, there is no specific mechanism set out by FIG. You could try emailing the committee members. (If you can find those email addresses.)

Men’s Technical Committee President
Adrian Stoica (ROM)

Men’s Technical Committee
Istvan Karacsony (HUN), Julio Felipe Marcos (ESP), Huang Liping (CHN), Sawao Kato (JPN), Enrique Salanitro (ARG)

Women’s Technical Committee President
Nellie Kim (BLR)

Women’s Technical Committee
Yan Ninan (CHN), Lyubov Burda-Andrianova (RUS), Kim Dowdell (AUS), Donatella Sacchi (ITA), Anca Grigoras (ROM), Yashie Harinishi (JPN)

Perhaps contact Men’s chairman Adrian Stoica directly at his office at the Romanian Gymnastics Federation. (He’s President. Conflict of interest?) I’m sure Adrian will be happy to hear from you.

Or, you could try the general contact form on the FIG website. (Don’t hold your breath.)

Leave a comment below if you know of a better way to send FIG feedback on the regulations that affect the lives of athletes.


Certainly FIG is not all bad. One bit of bright news to me was learning that many of the FIG documents are available as free downloads in PDF format.

The Men’s Code of Points, for example:


See what else is there: FIG – Downloads section – International Gymnastics Federation

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