save time on the internet

The best thing about the internet are RSS feeds. (Really Simple Syndication)

Yet fewer than 10% of people use RSS. That’s a shame.

To see how it works, click PLAY or watch a 4min amusing tutorial on YouTube.

To find out what’s new on GymnasticsCoaching, you can come on by when you get the urge — SLOW way.

Or subscribe by RSS through a feed reader — FAST way. (Google Reader recommended.)

Of course, you can subscribe by email. But who really wants more email cluttering their inbox?

RSS is the best, by far. It takes only about 5 min to get started with (Google Reader.

Unfortunately, some of my favourite websites do not yet have an RSS feed from their home page. Which of these dinosaur sites will add RSS last, do you think?

* American Gymnast
* GYMmedia Germany
* Canada
* I-NEEDtoKnow
* Inside Gymnastics
* International Gymnast
* Technique USA
* USA Gymnastics

RSS – Wikipedia

(via Rick McCharles)

I will be presenting internet tips like RSS to some of the top coaches in Canada at a Level 4 coaching clinic right after Elite Canada in December. For once I’m scheduled some personal time to work with each on streamlining their computer work flow.

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