how do I spot full twist on Floor?

That question was posted on the The Chalk Bucket forum. The advice given was NOT to spot 1/1 twist. To use progressions, instead.

I can’t think of a single coach in 2007 who advocates spotting twisting on Floor as a progression.

When I was a young coach, though, I spotted Jon Moffat for ten standing 1/1 twists every work-out. I got pretty good at that tricky spot, after a while. On the down side, I think I did more harm than good for Jon. In his mind, the challenge was to twist, not flip. That’s the wrong mental approach for this skill.

But lets say for sake of argument you MUST spot full twist on Floor. For a cheerleader, for example, who does not have a huge background of trampoline and gymnastics basics.

I think I’d start with the athlete in a twisting belt, from stand on a mini-tramp. And leave them in that safe environment until the motor pattern was quite stable. (For the athlete and the spotter.) We have something similar at Altadore.

Alternate front somersault with half twist. And back layout with half twist. Spotting both.

Eventually combining the two into a full twist. Eventually taking that skill out of the belt and on to the floor. The twist is fairly easy if the somersault is consistent.


Over Head Spotting Rig | Twisting Belt

Any other suggestions? Leave a comment below.

I suspect we could take another cheerleader of the same background, and teach her a full twist faster using trampoline devices. Without spot.

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