should roll-out skills be banned on Floor?

UPDATE: It seems Dragalescu was injured on this roll out landing at Europeans:



Almost every male gymnast these days competes at least one tumbling skill to roll-out on Floor Exercise. They want to reduce the chance of a landing deduction.

Without question roll-out skills are very dangerous. Many have been injured. Recall that 1978 World Champion Yelena Mukhina became a partial quadriplegic in 1980 after under-rotating a “Thomas” salto (see video below).

They are banned in FIG women’s gymnastics right now. Should the men ban roll-out tumbling skills as well?

This is a discussion topic on the Chalk Bucket Gymnastics forum. It started after the report of 17-year-old Hungarian gymnast Zsolt Virag having a recent injury. He cannot feel his legs and may be permanently paralysed.

There are good points on both sides of the argument. Check it out for yourself:

somersaults to roll-out … – Chalk Bucket

Personally, I would like to see those skills banned. Or, perhaps better, devalued.

For example, Click PLAY to see a clip of a tumbler training “Thomas” (full-in, half-out to roll-out) or watch it on YouTube.

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