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Kate Richardson – Beam

leap drills


I’m happy to say there will be a lot more original content coming to Swing Big! in the coming months (including today’s video). …

Swing Big

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Beam – flic LO LO LO

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when to put it on Beam?

Big Swing:

Generally, my rule of thumb is when they can do it UP. And not just do the skill up onto something, but do the skill WELL up onto something. …

… until they can backhandspring onto a panel mat with straight arms and legs, and minimal shoulder angle, I don’t want it going on the beam. …

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Ariana Agrapides – GoPro Beam

MG Elite’s Ariana Agrapides straps on a GoPro and practices beam. Watch her switch leap back tuck combination from her eyes in our latest Gymnast View.

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Anna Pavlova to Azerbaijan

Blythe Lawrence gives us an update on how tiny Azerbaijan suddenly decided to become an Olympic contender in gymnastics.

fan favorite and newly naturalized Azeri Anna Pavlova, who for the past five years has been overlooked by the Russian team masters for big international competitions, even when she could have potentially medalled on vault, by far her strongest event.

The dynamics of The Pavlova Situation in Russia have never been well explained: Whether the Russian head coaches simply chose to focus on the new generation after Pavlova tore her ACL in 2008 or whether there were issues of attitude problems and/or bad training habits is unknown.

Either way, Pavlova showed up at numerous Russian Championships between 2010 and 2013, performed well on beam, often won vault, and was never selected for major teams. She earned her living competing for foreign clubs, like Haguenau in France, as well as in the German Bundesliga league, before her nationality switch to Azerbaijan was greenlighted by the International Gymnastics Federation late last year. …

Examiner – Grow your own Olympic team

Anna pavlova Switch Ring

Beam – backward handspring Arabian

Swing Big:

… I love arabians, but when they are standing arabians they often tend to be squaty. When they come out of a back handspring they are just lovely. …

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Catherine Lyons & Rochelle Douglas

A very entertaining interview this week on GymCastic episode 99.

Princess Catherine Lyons and her coach, former international elite, Rochelle Douglas have been together since Catherine was six!

Peng’s Beam 3 turn combo

Christine Lee at UCLA.

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Beam with a prosthetic leg

Respect. :-)

Liana Burkhart – Xcel Platinum 11-17-13

Liana Burkhart

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Gymneo – Beam dismounts

The teaser for the latest Gymneo.TV tutorial is available on Facebook. :-)

happy Gymnastics birthday

Beam Birthday

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Gabby meets Gabby

Gabby wax