30% off Gymneo.TV

I’m a paid member of Gymneo.TV, the best coaching video tutorials on the web.

Based out of France, they offer two memberships: French and English.

From July 4th through August 31st Gymneo is offering a 30% discount. That takes the 219€ / year ($243) membership to 153€ ($170).


There are more French language videos than English. But the English section is catching up as each of the French originals is translated.

They are offering free samples on Facebook, this page and on their YouTube channel.

Click PLAY or watch Beam layout stepout on YouTube.

new Beam mount for Peng Peng?

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You just need to clean this up a bit @pengpengclee and you've got yourself a new skill 😂 #ThatsWhyMenDontDoBeam

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via Nico on GymFever2012

Lieke Wevers – Beam

Gold at European Games. Layout gainer dismount is a D-part.

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related – Bea Gheorghisor – Euro Games: The Event Finals

Li Qi – Beam

Born 2002.

Click PLAY or see it on Tumblr.


Here’s the routine in Team Finals (VIDEO). Not nearly as solid. But with a better dismount.

via GymFever2012

Aliya Mustafina – Beam

European Games.

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Beam – 2 back springs to triple full

Jr. International Elite Gabby Perea does her 2 backhandsprings to a triple full beam dismount with a Go Pro to give you the Gymnast Eye of the skill.

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Legacy Elite had a great season. Their best ever, I believe.

Lieke Wevers – Beam

Lovely. :-)

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The Dutch did not finish 8th as a team in London. (These announcers make many errors.)

Netherlands did not qualify a full team to London.