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Armine Barutyan on Beam artistry

Armine was a fantastic gymnast, 1st All Around in the 1985 Russian National Championships. The strongest era of Soviet gymnastics. Her life story is fascinating.

As co-Head Coach of GAGE Gymnastics, Armine has been one of the most successful Beam coaches in the world.

Al Fong:

My wife was asked to give a presentation during the 2014 World Championships in Nanning, China on how to train artistry for the balance beam.

“… is very possible to create an elegant, beautiful, pleasing routine with well timed accents, rhythm, and exclamation points!

I don’t use a cookie cutter system to design routines for my gymnasts. I have always had different girls with varying abilities and physical qualities that I must work with instead of trying to make every athlete look the same. It’s important that every routine be unique to the individual. …”

Armine Barutyan’s Presentation to the International Judges of the World!

That links to videos of Armine’s training program.

Eythora Thorsdottir – Beam

Original. Interesting.

You can’t define artistry, but you know it when you see it. :-)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Eythora is a fan favourite of GymFever2012 and many others.

Ragan Smith – standing pike 1/1

Got my standing pike full ????????????

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Beam – Teramoto v Mustafina

One of the more controversial decisions at Worlds 2014.

Who should have won the Bronze medal in the Beam final?

Aliya Mustafina missing a 0.5 EGR or Asuka Teramoto?

Click PLAY or watch Aliya on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch Asuka on YouTube.

3 MUSTAFINA Aliya RUS 5.500 + 8.666 = 14.166
4 TERAMOTO Asuka JPN 5.600 + 8.500 = 14.100


“I knew my beam routine was not the most difficult one and I had no expectations to make it to the podium today. It was sheer luck.”

Worlds Women’s Beam Final


1. BILES Simone USA 15.100
2. BAI Yawen 15.033 CHN (from Nanning)
3. MUSTAFINA Aliya RUS14.166 (-0.5 EGR)
4. TERAMOTO Asuka JPN 14.100

full results

The audience was shocked that Teramoto with a hit routine scores lower than Mustafina missing an Element Group Requirement – Acro series.

I booed. The score may be correct, but it seems wrong. Like winning with a fall.

home town girl medals

home town girl medals

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Good luck Ellie Black

9th all-around at Worlds 2014, Ellie Black has one more Final.

Balance Beam.


That photo is from Nadia’s post on Couch GymnastIn Pictures: the All Around Final

Ellie Black best ever Canadian

#FIGWorlds2014ART WAG AA

Gymnastics Canada:

… In the women’s all around final on Friday Ellie finished ninth all around in a best ever women’s AA finish for Canada at the world championships. …

Canada’s previous best mark was held by Victoria Moors, not competing this year, who finished 10th at the 2013 worlds in Antwerp, Belgium.

read more …

When I went to congratulate them after the competition, coach Dave Kikuchi said:

“Still work to do.”

Ellie’s got the Beam final coming up.

Click PLAY or watch Ellie’s prelim Beam on YouTube.

USA Team photos

by John Cheng

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Is this the most artistic Artistic Gymnastics team USA has fielded?

Worlds prelims Apparatus ranking


Top 8 compete in each apparatus Final. Maximum 2 / nation.

VAULT results:
1 BILES Simone USA 15.450
2 HONG Un Jong PRK 15.354
3 SKINNER Mykayla USA 15.349
5 MORENO MEDINA Alexa Citlali MEX 14.816
6 PHAN Thi Ha Thanh VIE 14.800
7 FRAGAPANE Claudia GBR 14.716
8 STEINGRUBER Giulia SUI 14.700

IORDACHE Larisa Andreea ROU 14.649
KARMAKAR Dipa IND 14.483
BLACK Elsabeth CAN 14.483

BARS Results:
1 YAO Jinnan CHN 15.666
2 HUANG Huidan CHN 15.333
3 LOCKLEAR Ashton USA 15.233
4 MUSTAFINA Aliya RUS 15.166
5 DOWNIE Rebecca GBR 15.166
6 SPIRIDONOVA Daria RUS 15.100
7 HILL Lisa Katharina GER 15.100
8 HARROLD Ruby GBR 14.733

MILLER Larrissa AUS 14.666
ROSS Kyla USA 14.650
Lopez VEN 14.433

BEAM results:
1 BILES Simone USA 15.133
2 IORDACHE Larisa Andreea ROU 15.066
3 YAO Jinnan CHN 14.900
4 BAI Yawen CHN 14.800
5 BLACK Elsabeth CAN 14.466
6 ROSS Kyla USA 14.391
7 MUSTAFINA Aliya RUS 14.308
8 TERAMOTO Asuka JPN 14.266

NEDOV Emma AUS 14.266
DOWNIE Rebecca GBR 14.200
MILLOUSI Vasiliki GRE 14.100

FLOOR results:
1 BILES Simone USA 15.366
2 IORDACHE Larisa Andreea ROU 14.933
3 SKINNER Mykayla USA 14.700
4 FERRARI Vanessa ITA 14.566
5 MUSTAFINA Aliya RUS 14.500
6 FRAGAPANE Claudia GBR 14.400
7 FASANA Erika ITA 14.233
8 MILLER Larrissa AUS 14.166

POPA NEDELCU Roxana ESP 14.166
SHANG Chunsong CHN 13.966
Pihan-Kulesza POL 13.900

Simone qualified 1st in 5/6 finals. I’d call that a strong prelim round. :-)

China prelims

#FIGWorlds2014ART prelim team

It was fun to watch the host nation at home. They are under tremendous media scrutiny.

Team China

After 9/12 preliminary sessions:

USA 235.038
CHN 230.753
RUS 228.135

Much like most pundits predicted.

China won Beam and Bars. But fell too far behind USA on Vault and especially Floor to be competitive. Floor was even weaker than anticipated. Where is Cheng Fei?

We felt badly for CHEN Siyi. She fell on the first 3 apparatus. Managed to stay on her feet on Vault.

Despite a big wobble, fan favourite Bai Yawen made the Beam final.

YAO Jinnan and BAI Yawen will make the Beam final.

YAO Jinnan and HUANG Huidan the Bars final.

YAO Jinnan and SHANG Chunsong the AA final.

day 1 Worlds Apparatus ranking


Some of the top scores from preliminaries, so far. (Maximum 2/nation)

Half of the competitors have competed.

Vault Results:
1 BILES Simone USA 15.450
2 SKINNER Mykayla USA 15.349
4 MORENO MEDINA Alexa Citlali MEX 14.816
5 PHAN Thi Ha Thanh VIE 14.800
6 STEINGRUBER Giulia SUI 14.700
7 KARMAKAR Dipa IND 14.483

Bar Results:
1 LOCKLEAR Ashton USA 15.233
2 MUSTAFINA Aliya RUS 15.166
3 SPIRIDONOVA Daria RUS 15.100
ROSS Kyla USA 14.650
ADLERTEG Jonna SWE 14.100
POPA NEDELCU Roxana ESP 14.033

Beam Results
1 BILES Simone USA 15.133
2 BLACK Elsabeth CAN 14.466
3 ROSS Kyla USA 14.391
4 MUSTAFINA Aliya RUS 14.308
WEVERS Sanne NED 13.933

Floor Results:
1 BILES Simone USA 15.366
2 SKINNER Mykayla USA 14.700
3 MUSTAFINA Aliya RUS 14.500
4 POPA NEDELCU Roxana ESP 14.166
CROKET Julie BEL 13.900

USA got the job done. Most likely qualified the finalists they wanted. But something tells me Marta is not going to be all smiles and giggles. She will want better in the Team Final.

Ellie Black – Beam


After 3 of 12 groups have competed prelims, Ellie still leads the Beam ranking.

6.5 D-score. 14.466.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

CHN, USA and ROM yet to come.

Iordache in the all-around

And on Beam.

Looks better prepared than for Worlds 2013. Beam is easy. If she hits her new Bars routine, count on Larisa finishing in the top 3 AA.