Morgan Hurd – Beam 1/1-in

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side somi variation on Beam

Danusia Francis

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Beam – aerial loso loso lo

Maile O’Keefe

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Jade Barbosa – 14.225 Beam

Bonus for competing a real mount. :-)

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Gymternet has a wrap-up post – Mejias Has Big Weekend in Osijek Finals

Thanks Bruno.

Larisa Iordache – Beam

She’s back. :-)

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via Full Twist – Results & Video: ROM v FRA friendly

Romania-France Friendly

1 Larisa Iordache – Romania 58.150
2 Ana Maria Ocolisan – Romania 56.850
3 Marine Brevet – France 55.850

Gymternet has full results.

Catalina Ponor went 14.850 DTY on Vault, 14.900 on Beam in her first competition since the Olympics.

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American Skills – 2015 Edition

Balance Beam Situation posted statistics on U.S. Elite Women’s routine composition.

Some of the most popular skills on each apparatus in 2015 are …

BARS – Pak, Straddle Jaeger, Toe-on, Toe-on Full, Toe-on Shaposh, full twisting double back

BEAM – Switch Leap, Aerial Walkover, Layout Step-out, Full Turn, Side Aerial, Split Jump, Sissone, Switch half, Wolf Jump, Double Pike dismount

(Less than 30% use Wolf turn.)

FLOOR – Double Pike, Double Tuck, 1 1/2 Twist, Switch Full, Tour Jete Full, Double Wolf Turn

Click through to Balance Beam Situation for details and trends over the past 4 years.