Deanne Soza – Beam

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Jazzy Foberg – Beam

Top Secret Jr score = 14.650 (5.7, 8.950)

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getting up with a smile

Julianna Small:

The judge salutes me in. I face the beam and take a deep breath before I start my routine, going over a million little reminders in my head: point your toes, tighten your muscles, don’t over think it. I jump, and as my feet grip the rough, familiar beam, I relax and the muscle memory kicks in. …

I finish one of my best routines. But as I take off for the dismount, I know something is wrong the moment my feet leave the beam. I am too late, rotating too slowly, and my heart sinks as I slam down onto the cold hard mat.

So close.

As much as I want to sit there and give in to the tears that are attempting to fall at any moment, I get up, turn around, and give the judges a big salute, making sure to smile just like nothing went wrong. As I walk away, I am reminded of just how much I have learned from my gymnastics experiences; get up after you fall, smile, and try again.

More Than Just Sticking It: What We Can Learn From Great Gymnasts

Even the Great Gymnasts fall. And they get back up.

Gabby Beam

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Victoria Woo v Julie Kim Sinmon

Pan Am Games Beam Final. It’s not easy being a judge.

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Pan Am Finals day 2

1. BLACK Ellie – CAN 15.050
2. SKAGGS Megan – USA 14.050
3. WOO Victoria – CAN 13.650

Beam podium

Lauren Hopkins – Beam & Floor commentary

1. LARDUET Manrique – CUB 15.125
2. WHITTENBURG Donnell – USA 14.962
3. SOUZA Caio – BRA 14.925

There’s no limit to Manrique’s potential on this apparatus. He can twist like Kenzo. And has tons of power.

1. BLACK Ellie – CAN 14.400
2. HUNDLEY Amelia – USA 14.200
3. GOMEZ PORRAS Ana – GUA 14.150

I really like Desch who finished 4th.

1. CALVO Jossimar Calvo – COL 15.700
2. LARDUET Manrique – CUB 15.650
3. Mikulak Sam – USA 15.450

Fantastic final. I wouldn’t have had Calvo 1st on P Bars, however.

1. CALVO Jossimar – COL 15.700
2. LYTWYN Kevin – CAN 15.475
3. RUGGERI Paul – USA 15.450

Flavia Saraiva – Beam

Pan Am AA Final

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I’d love to see a training routine where she nails everything. Leave a comment if you know of one.

Ellie Black – Beam

Pan Am AA Final

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