Dom’s new Beam mount

A work in progress.

It's a start…

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via Nico on GymFever2012

cool UCLA Beam

Danusia Francis – Beam dismount

Sweet. :-)

Sam Peszek – Beam 1/1 series

Nico linked to this video on GymFever2012.

My new series ????

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Katelyn Ohashi – Beam

2015 Texas Prime

I wasn’t sure we’d ever see Katelyn back competing. The College coaches recruiting lists suddenly get a name added near the top. :-)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

See all of Katelyn’s routines on GymCastic. Thank Christy Linder Photography for those.

Grigoras – tucked front 1/2 on Beam

Peng-Peng is back. The gymternet is happy. :-)

Before the London Olympics she competed a crazy Beam routine. It included this element done from a full speed running the length of the Beam.


That’s from Pushy Queen’s GIF Skill Guide.

She typically landed like this. Heels OVER the end of the Beam. I was terrified to watch.

In the gym Christine was training harder routines than in competition. One of the upgrades was this Grigoras … to connected back tuck. GAINERING that back tuck to stay on the Beam. I was triple terrified to watch. And thrilled.

What a shame she didn’t get to compete the London Olympics. :-(

related – Bruin Banter 2015 – Episode 1: Christine Peng-Peng Lee. Interviewed by Sam Peszek. (VIDEO)

Swing Big – leap and jump drills

The Swing Big WAG coaching site has a new look.

Check it out.

Swing Big new look

Here’s a sample post from their Facebook page.