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Preschool coaches and program directors will want to know about, a brand new resource.

It looks great. And will likely be very popular as preschool coaches are underserved on the internet right now.

You can browse the site for free but membership (free) is required to post. Unlike the other forums I check regularly, there’s no RSS feed.

UPDATE: The RSS feed is up-and-running available here.

… a free online resource for gymnastics coaches all over to come and share ideas and to improve and learn new techniques, and to improve their skills with children.

… The more content there is available on this website, the more help it will be everyone. By spreading the word to your fellow coaches and friends, you can help the website grow and it will get bigger and better. – FAQ: About

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We’ve added a link under Recreation Gymnastics on our right hand navigation column.

Kiara Nowlin – cheer tumbling prodigy

A highlight of Woodward West Camp this summer is an amazing 11-year-old.

Her name is Kiara Nowlin. She has been competing in power tumbling, trampoline, double mini, and cheer since she was 4.

Check out what this girl can do wearing running shoes on a cheer floor.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Kiara Nowlin – official website

Kiera is a great example of just how quickly competitive cheer is improving. Everywhere I go I find cheer competitors doing things beyond the capability of artistic gymnasts.

double leg circles – pommel horse

Another impressive, detailed tutorial from Beast Skills.

Never dissuaded from the most difficult, this time James Bathurst tackles the DLC on pommel mushroom.

Despite not being a gymnastics coach, the overview is surprisingly good. I wish more of our own coaches would put together material like this. Thanks James!

it’s a skill that takes a short time to learn, but a lifetime to master.

Circles – Beast Skills

ivan ivankov - belarus.jpg

More of our posts on Beast Skills.

Cirque du Soleil in New York – Wintuk

Montreal-based casting agent Magdale Coleno filled me in on details on the new seasonal show starting this Christmas. It sounds fantastic.

Athletes from some of the extreme acrobatic sports are being cast. They start training and rehearsing this summer.

Come Winter, Cirque du Soleil and Madison Square Garden Will Stage Wintuk in NYC …

Wintuk is the unusual name of the new fantastical Cirque du Soleil holiday entertainment that will make its home at the Theater at Madison Square Garden in late 2007. …

The winter-themed, acrobat-filled, spectacle-infused world premiere will run Nov. 1, 2007-Jan. 6, 2008, with annual return visits planned. …

A cast of 50 performers “weaves thrilling circus arts, breathtaking theatrical effects and memorable songs into a meaningful seasonal story that resonates with the whole family.”

Playbill News: Come Winter, Cirque du Soleil and Madison Square Garden Will Stage Wintuk in NYC


Wintuk – official website

Chinese gymnastics are the best

Charlie Tamayo at Woodward West Gymnastics Camp said over lunch yesterday that the Chinese are still doing the best gymnastics in the World. He has confidence they will be the most dominant nation at the Olympics in Beijing.

He specifically pointed to Cheng Fei as unbeatable on Vault.

I had to agree.

The only question is whether they can handle the pressure of competing in front of the home audience. The showdown between China and the USA in Women’s Artistic is the one I am looking forward to most.


Eight year old Zhang Yu works on the pummel horse at a sports school to train gymnasts in Beijing.

Zhang Yu – 8 on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

This is one of the awesome Chinese gymnastics photos posted by Natalie Behring.

Alise Post – Gymnast, BMX Racer

Here at Woodward West in California I’m spending half my time in the awesome gymnastics facility, half the time studying Action Sports (skating, skateboard, cycling).

This article caught my eye:

lg.jpegAt the young age of 16, Alise Post is already an accomplished gymnast as well as a professional BMX rider. She is spending her time this summer split between the track and the gym.

Post started riding in BMX races when she was just 6 years old.

“It’s really an addicting sport. Once you start, you don’t want to stop,” she said. “My brother actually got me involved with it. He started and he wanted me to not be a little wussy girl.”

Ten years down the road, and she’s now considered one of the top professional riders in her sport.

“I still don’t really realize it, that I’m a pro at something, because I’ve always just done it for fun and that’s just what it it. I just do it because I love it,” she said.

Post turned pro last year and was named “rookie of the year” by the American Bicycle Association. Because there really is no off-season in BMX racing, she’s on the road competing a couple of weekends a month nearly year round.

“I think that’s part of the reason I like doing it so much, to tell you the truth,” she said. “I get to travel all over and meet people all over the world.”

Post’s sports world isn’t confined to just the track — she’s also a standout in the gym. As a sophomore this spring she repeated as Minnesota’s gymnastics Double A vault champion.

Post placed fourth in the all-round competition, helping her St. Cloud Tech team to a second-place team finish. She said the state experience was phenomenal.

“It seriously feels like you’re in the Olympics. It feels so cool because in the auditorium that we competed in, you’re down on the ground, everyone’s raised up above you, there’s tons of people there,” she said. “Everything about it just feels so professional.”

The two sports feed off one another, according to one of her assistant gymnastics coaches.

“Her BMX is an asset to her gymnastics,” said Colleen Stark-Hawes, assistant gymnastics coach at St. Cloud Tech. “She has such incredible air sense. She’s almost like a cat, where she really understands air and how to land. And so, if anything, we hope that her gymnastics doesn’t injure her for BMX.”

Back on her home track at Pineview Park in St. Cloud, Post knows eventually she’ll have to pick between her favorite sports, and it won’t be easy.

“I love them all at the same level,” she said, before admitting, “I think racing will take me the furthest.” – 16-Year-Old An Accomplished Gymnast, BMX Racer

(via Gym Chat)

swinging rings – Muscle Beach, California

Only once did I get to the Santa Monica Gymfest in California.

But I was lucky enough that year to see two quadruple backward somersaults off swinging rings. The gymnast landed only on sand — but a dozen or so burly beach acrobats tried to slow him down by “catching him”.

Hard to believe?

Don from Woodward West Gym Camp posted the evidence.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

More amazing stories of Muscle Beach, California.

getting BIG AIR at the world’s largest tramp club

Coach Don from Woodward West posted this amazing clip of Russian Swing training. And more.

Looks like a blast.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

I like the tag line of the club:

World’s largest trampoline gymnastics center.
Where your child’s success never depends upon another child’s failure.

This is one “recreational” club doing SERIOUS acrobatics.

ArtSportsWorld – home page – Colorado Springs, CO