disaster for Alexandra Orlando – RG Pan Ams

The overwhelming favourite to win Rhythmics in Rio is out.

Too bad.

… devastating day for Alexandra Orlando who will miss the All Around Final because of an unfortunate accident – broken apparatus (ribbon). At the beginning of her ribbon routine, the ribbon detached completely from the stick. Alexandra had to perform her routine with a broken apparatus, which per the rules is not allowed, despite finishing to a standing ovation from the Brazilian crowd.

The 2006 Commonwealth Champion received a 0 score for her ribbon routine, which removed her from the top 10 despite finishing first in the other 3 apparatus – hope, rope and clubs.

Alexandra will have an opportunity to regroup and perform for 3 Gold medals in the 3 Apparatus Finals on Saturday.


Gymnastics Canada – Gymnastique Canada

Check GymMedia.com for detailed coverage of the event: Pan American Games: Rhythmic Gymnastics Competitions

Wang Yan – recovery called “miraculous”

Two updates on the recovery of injured Chinese gymnast Wang Yan:

… She regained strength in her legs and hands after rehabilitation and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

“She can use chopsticks and the computer now,” said a relative of Wang.

Shanghai Daily | 上海日报

All the best to Wang Yan and her family. We are thinking of you.

Wang Yan, the 16-year-old Chinese gymnast who broke her neck after falling from the bars at last month’s national championships, is making a miraculous recovery.

She’s already said to be lifting her legs and raising her right arm and has been moved out of intensive care. “She has managed to conquer the most dangerous period,” one of her doctors said.

Boston Globe

who can challenge Vanessa FERRARI at Worlds?

In the confusing new FIG scoring system, 62+ points is very high.

ferrari_Ub_amst07.jpgIn a tournament of six countries in the central Italian harbour town of Civitavecchia – ROMANIA won the meet in front of ITALY and FRANCE, followed by CZECH REPUBLIC, SWITZERLAND and EGYPT.

All-around world champion Vanessa FERRARI won with a super score of 62,100 points. On second came NISTOR (ROU), followed by PETIT (FRA).

A big surprise was the fourth placed Swiss Ariella KAESLIN, who achieved the best result of her career …

Comeback of Catalina Ponor

The Romanian three-times Olympic champion, Catalina PONOR made a successsful comeback; the nearly 20 year old gymnast started at three apparatuses only and got top results at vault (14.40) and beam (16.300) and made a very good athletic impression some weeks before the world championships in Stuttgart, Germany …


(via Gym Chat)

best break dance video ever

Who is this guy?

It’s Junior, a breakdancer from France. (Thanks Scott and RedRoth.)

His website — http://www.b-boyjunior.com — is not working as I write.

Click PLAY or watch this most astonishing video on YouTube.

Over 1.5 million views, so far.

There are many more videos of Junior on YouTube.

(via Geoffrey Taucer, Coach, Moderator of Chalk Bucket)

Gymnastics Educational Workshops

There are many things I like about the Canadian Gymnastics System.

But our socialist model stifles entrepreneurs from offering products like this:

Under the direction of Cheryl Jarrett, GEW, Gymnastics Educational Workshops provides a one-day workshop for class instructors.

Our mission is to offer an affordable workshop that provides tools and ideas to improve, educate and motivate gymnastics class instructors to teach recreational and preschool gymnasts.

Gymnastics Educational Workshop has a team of knowledgeable, inspirational and motivating course instructors. It is a great training opportunity for class instructors and birthday party staff!

The lead instructors are top class: Tim Rand, Lynn Moskovitz, Tom Forster, etc.

The clinics are available all over the USA. It costs as little as US$35 / instructor. That’s an amazing value.


Gymnastics Educational Workshops

When are you coming to Canada?

Most of our instructors and clubs will say they “don’t need” to attend your workshop because they are already “certified”.

But I expect we could register enough coaches in any of the major cities to make it worth your while travelling North.

Woodward opens 4th camp – Copper, Colorado

I’m hearing a lot of buzz about the latest Woodward initiative. A camp where athletes can learn snow sports using trampolines, foam pits, safety mats and air bags.

After YEARS of watching snowboards try to learn gainers by flinging themselves off a trampoline into a pit at Adult Recreational Gymnastics class, I am very excited about this venture!

… Woodward will bring its expertise in action-sports training to the snow arena for the first time with several new facilities at Intrawest resorts, the first of which is slated to open at Copper Mountain, Colorado by Thanksgiving 2007.

Camps at Intrawest’s Whistler/Blackcomb and Stratton Mountain will follow successively, with Whistler’s opening as soon as the winter of 2008/09.

… preliminary plans feature a 20,000-square-foot indoor facility, two on-snow Superpipes, and a private terrain park. …

“People are going to start learning a lot faster and spending more time on the hill instead of getting hurt,” says Matt Lindenmuth, who’s heading up the Camp Woodward’s Copper operations. “We’ve got a six-step program for learning tricks that lets people learn them from the ground up.”

Woodward’s signature program starts on the indoor facility’s trampolines, foam pits, resi-pits, bungee systems, and synthetic snow jumps. The next step will take riders to the on-snow park and integrate features such as air bags and other materials to cushion landings before they learn to stomp tricks on snow and ice. …

“We think this is going to be absolutely huge,” says Ben Friedland, Copper’s marketing director. “Not only will those visiting the resort have the opportunity to learn skills quickly and more safely before taking them into our terrain parks and Superpipes, but chances are they’ll be doing it alongside some of the most recognized athletes in the world.”

Woodward Moves To Snow – Transworld Business Magazine


Woodward at Copper Mountain – official website

The other 3 camps are Lake Owen, Woodward West and, the original, Woodward East.

new Olympic sports – BMX 2008, skateboarding in 2012

The trend towards so-called extreme sports continues.

At Woodward West Camp, Mike Jacki told me he was very optimistic that skateboard will be added for the 2012 Olympics. The announcement should come October 2007. If anybody knows, it’s Mike Jacki.

BMX is already in for Beijing 2008. (For 2012 BMX Vert may be added in the same venue as Skateboard. And possibly other BMX events.)


Skateboarding is almost certain to make its Olympic debut at the London Games.

Leaders of the Olympic movement are determined to help the sport qualify for the 2012 event in an attempt to broaden the Games’ appeal to younger people.

The chances of skateboarding being included in the Games roster were boosted by the successful introduction of another “youth” sport. Snowboarding made its debut at last year’s Winter Olympics in Turin and provided some of the Games’ most memorable moments and, crucially for the IOC, attracted encouraging TV ratings among 20- to 35-year-olds.

The drive towards a younger audience will continue at the Beijing Games next year with the debut of BMX biking.

This was introduced to the Games by the International Cycling Union, which is on the verge of adopting skateboarding as it is a “wheelbased”-sport. …

Its popularity has grown rapidly and there are now around 13 million devotees worldwide, including 600,000 in Britain. The US continues to dominate the sport and the UK lags behind France and Scandinavian countries, where skateboarding forms part of the school curriculum. …

Skateboarding would be the envy of numerous other sports vying for Olympics status, which can provide a huge boost to grassroots participation and revenues.

Two years ago, rugby and golf both failed in their attempts to become part of the 2012 event. At the same time, the IOC cut baseball and softball from the roster.

The event most likely to be included in London is vert skating, which originated when skateboarders used disused swimming pools. Participants are awarded points for tricks and style.

Skateboarding to make Olympic debut in 2012 | News | This is London

Though Olympic skateboarding looks like a sure thing, the biggest roadblock left are those in skateboarding who feel Olympic inclusion will ruin the sport.

Buzzy Sullivan, Woodward Skate Director, had mixed feelings. He took up skateboard when it was an activity for “outsiders” who did not want to do tradtional competitive sports. Yet finds in 2007 that skateboard is already an accepted mainstream activity. In fact, where he lives, the greatest growth in the sport has come from girls taking up skateboard.

Mark J. Terrill / AP file

Shaun White catches air during skateboard vert practice for X Games Twelve. White is an Olympic medalist in snowboarding and could double up in Olympics if skateboarding is added to the Games.

Rad! Skateboarding could be an Olympic sport

video – cheerleaders do NOT wave pom-poms

Last week at the Mountain Shadows Gymnastics Camp in Alberta we introduced cheer as an extracurricular activity for the first time.

As usual, the Artistic Gymnasts were NOT enthusiastic at the start.

There is some kind of historical bias against cheer in Artistic. Perhaps because the pom-pom wavers of old worried more about their make-up than about acrobatics.

As it turned out, the Artistic girls really enjoyed Cheer. And they were very good at it.

Cheer is cool. But it’s still not getting the respect and recognition it deserves.

Maddie chose this video over many others available on YouTube to show what’s happening with Cheer in 2007.

This is Top Gun from Miami, Florida — World Champions 2007 in Large Coed.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

This routine is tumbling intensive. Be aware that the maximum difficulty allowed is one somersault with double twist.

Top Gun – official website