CAN Nationals WAG – day 2 RESULTS

I attended the second Senior Women’s session. A good show — though incredibly LONG.

It look more relaxed than previous Nationals.

  1. Aurélie Tran 105.231
  2. Ava Stewart 102.164
  3. Jenna Lalonde 101.331
  4. Cassie Lee 100.880
  5. Sydney Turner 99.831
  6. Evandra Zlobec 98.731

Full results.

Aurélie Tran

Ellie Black competed / trained only Bars, working on getting her difficult routine more consistent. She did get through the set but hit her feet on the floor on one regrasp.

For the Canadian team competing continental championships, Medellín, Colombia — Nationals was a tune-up.

Shallon Olsen, just finished her College career, competed only Vault.

Emma Spence and Ana Padurariu, both still in NCAA, were on site but didn’t compete.

Christian Gallardo and Kyna Fletcher are in charge of the team through to Paris. Feedback I heard from coaches was all good regarding Christian’s technical advice.

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