All-Japan Championships AA results

Sadly, both Yamada Chiharu and Yamaguchi Sara left the competition with what looked like serious knee injuries.

🥇 Watanabe Hazuki 106.963 (53.598, 53.365)
🥈 Miyata Shoko 106.797 (53.198, 53.599)
🥉 Kishi Rina 106.764 (53.032, 53.732)

Kishi is a first-year senior. As a junior last year, she placed 12th at the NHK Trophy. #THE #DEPTH

Kishi had a solid Yurchenko double last year but it looks like she’s improved across the board on her other events. Japanese WAG is becoming like MAG where they are just churning out SO many athletes at ridiculously high levels, it’s almost impossible to guess who can make teams!

Rounding out the top eight here are…

4. Fukasawa Kokoro 106.664
5. Hatakeda Chiaki 105.498
6. Sakaguchi Ayaka 105.032
7. Okamura Mana 104.663
8. Nakamura Haruka 103.664

Ashikawa Urara is 14th but put up the top beam score of 14.166. Yamaguchi Sara didn’t compete floor today.

Originally tweeted by The Gymternet (@thegymterdotnet) on April 22, 2023.

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