scores too high in NCAA?


The attempt to lower Beam scores this season by adjusting the dismount rule didn’t work. Scores are up.

Personally, I don’t take scores all that seriously. They are mainly for marketing. And the most deserving teams end up qualifying in the top 36 anyway. Hopefully having 4 judges / panel in the playoffs will result in more discriminating rankings.

It seems to me that quality is WAY UP in College women’s Gymnastics 2023. Consistency too. The sport is evolving and improving.

Too many 10s in 2023? … I’m not sure they are being handed out any more egregiously than in the past.

Greg Marsden plotted the number of 10s.

GymCastic is talking about this issue. Spencer feels there are only about 6 routines in 2023 where could he go-along-with a 10 score.

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