sign up to be a Utah “philanthropy-fan”

This is new for the NCAA, I believe.

The “Who Rocks the House” (WRTH) collective encourages small donors to fund the program through monthly contributions.

Funds go to the gymnasts when they participate in community activities, such as a recent Girls on the Run 5k in Sugarhouse Park.

This is legal under the NCAA Name Image and Likeness (NIL) program.

After one month, WRTH has already collected over 6 figures. It’s working.

… The administration fees are being covered by an advisory board and management team that includes prominent longtime backers of the sport including Marsden, who retired in 2015, Megan Marsden who retired as co-coach in 2019, former Director of Athletics Chris Hill and former gymnasts MyKayla Skinner and Missy Marlowe in addition to fans Dan Lofgren and Brent Wilson.

Former gymnast Kim Brunisholz (who competed in the early 2000s as Allan) serves as Executive Director. …

Salt Lake Tribune – Utah collective looks to ‘philanthropy-fans’ to raise funds for gymnasts

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