Canadian Gymnastics Week

The True Sport Principles are:

Go For It: Rise to the challenge – always strive for excellence. Be persistent and discover how good you can be.

Example: Encouraging participants to continue trying new skills, even after a failed attempt.

Play Fair: Understand, respect, and follow the rules. Play with integrity – competition is only meaningful when it is far.

Example: Designing practice so that all participants have an opportunity to participate in all activities.

Respect Others: Show respect for everyone involved in creating your sport experience, both on and off the field of play. Win with dignity and lose with grace.

Example: Creating time and space for all participants to celebrate their accomplishments.

Keep It Fun: Find the joy in sport and share it with others. Remember what you love about sport and why you play.

Example: Creating time and space to celebrate new skill development of participants at practice.

Stay Healthy: Always respect and care for your mind and body. Advocate for the health and safety of yourself and those around you.

Example: Choosing a healthy snack when it is time to break to properly fuel your body.

Include Everyone: Recognize and celebrate the strength in diversity. Invite and welcome others into the sport.

Example: Inviting all participants to join in a cooperative game as a warm-up activity.

Give Back: Say thanks and show gratitude. Encourage your sport group to make a difference in the community.

Example: Inviting all participants to say thank you to their coaches at the end of practice each day

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