USAG L10 Sr Nationals results

Senior F

  1. Selena Harris, Gymcats, 39.250 (UCLA)
  2. Faith Torrez, Legacy Elite, 39.250 (OU)
  3. Miki Aderinto, Desert Devils, 38.775 (Cal)

Senior E

  1. Nikki Smith, Euro Stars, 39.025 (MSU)
  2. Anna Roberts, Metropolitain, 38.750 (Stanford)
  3. Amani Herring, North Stars, 38.500 (PSU)

Senior D

  1. Gabrielle Gladieux, High Point, 38.75 (Bama)
  2. Olivia Zsarmani, KPAC, 38.675 (MSU)
    3(t). Sarah Moraw, Champion, 38.575 (Minnesota)
    3(t). Payton Harris, M&M, 38.575 (Ohio St)

Senior C

  1. Priscilla Park, Georgia Elite, 38.475 (Arkansas)
  2. Neve King, WCC, 38.275 (UNC)
  3. Ava Jorgensen, Gold Medal, 38.25 (BYU)

Senior B

  1. Chloe LaCoursiere, Coastal, 38.575 (Bama)
    2(t). Kaia Tanskanen, MEGA, 38.475 (Missouri)
    2(t). Brynlee Anderson, Bold, 38.475 (BYU)

Senior A

  1. Lily Smith, Silvia’s, 38.875 (Bama)
  2. Julianne Huff, JamJev, 38.600 (OU)
  3. Morgan Price, Texas Dreams, 38.500 (Arkansas, 2022)

Full results links.

Spencer details what top 10 gymnasts are going to which NCAA team:

2022 Level 10 Nationals

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