Clemson Gymnastics 2024

Inside Gymnastics:

… Long Island University had its first competition season in 2021, becoming the first gymnastics program to launch since Lindenwood in 2011. Simpson, Fisk and Greenville are slated to begin their seasons in 2023, while Clemson is targeting 2024. …

… there’s arguably no better time for a “power school” to welcome the sport to campus. …

On April 26, 2022 Clemson announced the hiring of Amy Smith as head coach. Smith, who helped the UCLA Bruins to its first NCAA Championships in 1997, comes to Clemson with over 20 years of coaching experience including in the last five seasons as head coach at Utah State. …

Tell me about the new practice facility that is being built for the team and the timeline for its construction? 

It is a 27 million dollar project! It’s going to be rowing, lacrosse and us on this beautiful location overlooking the lake  …

… they are also building a woman’s recovery and wellness center up there, solely for the female student athlete. I’ve never seen anything like this concept before. …

On May 12, 2022, Erik Lewis was announced as the associate head coach. Lewis worked with Smith for four years at Utah State, serving as an assistant coach and associate head coach. 

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