No more Open Team World Championships

Hardy Fink is supposed to be retired. Yet he just got back from a major FIG course in South Africa.

In a recent article Hardy notes that the mid- quadrennial Artistic World Championships have gone from open access to being restricted to 24 MAG and 24 WAG teams.

… There are massive restrictions for the all-around as well. Eighty, in addition to the 329 team and AA listed spots, are specialist spots (8 per apparatus) from the World Cup circuit. …

These new Technical Regulations eliminate about 100 individual participants for 2022 and 2023 …

So, what can be predicted to be the unintended consequences? Instead of 60 or more federations pursuing team gymnastics, perhaps only 30 will continue to bother. Without local media interest and without a true world team and AA ranking, many will receive even less government funding. …

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