NCAA Divison III teams scored lower

As we’ve always known, NCAA judges apply the rules more accurately when at Div III competitions. It’s one of the worst aspects of the silly College judging scheme.

Spencer crunched the numbers on the recent GymCastic podcast:

  • Using data from every meet for the DIII WIAC teams (the 8 teams in Wisconsin/Minnesota) for the last 10 years—679 team scores—the average score when they compete away at a DI or DII school is 186.104
  • Compared to when they compete at home or at other DIII schools or neutral venues, when the average score is 183.776
  • That’s a difference of 2.328 in the team score—or greater than four falls—maintained across an entire decade of meets for an entire division of teams.
  • Far from being an urban myth, DIII teams scoring far higher at DI and DII schools is a long-standing and verifiable reality.

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Rick Mc

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2 thoughts on “NCAA Divison III teams scored lower”

  1. Now we need to get Spencer to do the numbers for diffwrent conferences. Aka, do teams score higher when at an SEC schooling they are in a different conference? Do SEC or PAC-12 teams score lower when they are in another conference? Is this even possible to figure out?


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