top MAG International scores 2021


As usual, the wonderful courtyard-tapir has been keeping a spreadsheet of all the highest international scores throughout 2021, and it is now complete with all the scores from every international competition! …

Top International Scores in 2021
  1. Hashimoto Daiki 88.531
  2. Nikita Nagornyy 88.330
  3. Xiao Ruoteng 88.065
  4. Zhang Boheng 87.981
  5. Sun Wei 87.798
  6. Kitazono Takeru 86.698
  7. Joe Fraser 86.298
  8. Artur Dalaloyan 86.248
  9. David Belyavskiy 85.864
  10. Ahmet Onder 85.665

Detailed Difficult and Apparatus scores.

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