Mersin World Cup MAG medalists

GOLD: Felix Dolci, CAN 14.85
SILVER: Illia Kovtun, UKR 14.400
BRONZE: William Emard, CAN 14.2

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GOLD: Ahmad Abu Al Soud JOR 14.650
SILVER: Illia Kovtun UKR 14.650
BRONZE: Filip Ude CRO 14.150

GOLD: Grigorii Klimentev, RUS 14.8
SILVER: William Emard, CAN 14.750
BRONZE: Viktor Kaliuzhin, RUS 14.300

GOLD: William Emard, CAN 14.575
SILVER: Milad Karimi, KAZ 14.450
BRONZE: Gabriel Burtanete, ROU

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P Bars
GOLD: Illia Kovtun, UKR 15.050
SILVER: Viktor Kaliuzhin, RUS 14.350
BRONZE: Henji Mboyo, SUI 14.250

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H Bar
GOLD: David Vescernyes, HUN 14.250
SILVER: Felix Dolci, CAN 13.900
BRONZE: Robert Tvorogal, LTU 13.750

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