CAN JO & Novice Nationals*

Due to differing COVID restrictions in Canadian Provinces, only SOME gymnasts were able to participate in Canadian Nationals 2021 online.

Congratulations to those who did so in a very challenging training year.

Unofficial results as I post.

JO level 10 (16+)
Kennedy Duke BC 37.150
Angelique Gates BC 36.650
Avery Tillmanns SK 36.200

JO Level 10 (12-15)
Hannah Mokuruk SK 35.150
Cloe Levesque NB 34.575
Jirah Hiscock NL 34.150

JO Level 9 14+
Mikayla Gilfillen BC 35.975
Natalie Shafer SK 35.875 2
Lila Bulka BC 35.675 3T
Arabella MacDougall SK 35.675 3T

JO Level 9 11-13
Kyla Piercey NL 34.950
Kendall McCleary SK 34.600
Grace Hill NL 34.025

Reese Wilson ON 52.900
Cristella Brunetti-Burns QC 51.650
Alyssa Guerrier-Calixte QC 50.250

Full results.

Related – MAG Canadian Nationals is scheduled LIVE in autumn of 2021.

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