Jr PanAm Championships results

As expected, USA was the dominant nation.

1 USA 233.14
2 COL 223.840
3 BRA 222.040

RICHARD, Frederic USA 79.402
BARAJAS, Angel COL 76.402

LETELIER, Luciano CHI 75.969
SPERANZA, Diogo BRA 74.370
VARGAS, Sergio COL 74.036
Full results.

1 USA 161.700
2 BRA 147.250
3 ARG 145.750

JONG, Katelyn USA 54.100
JOHNSON, Madray USA 53.550
WALKER, Alana JAM 49.850

IRIBARNE, Nicole ARG 49.550
LIMA, Andreza BRA 49.000
MOTA, Gabriela BRA 48.950
Full results.

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