U.S. Champ Brody Malone

Brody Malone 170.700 (86.250, 84.450)
Yul Moldauer 167.950 (83.600, 84.350)
Sam Mikulak 167.400 (82.450, 84.950)

National Team:

Brody Malone
Yul Moldauer
Sam Mikulak
Brandon Briones
Allan Bower
Akash Modi
Riley Loos
Paul Juda
Cameron Bock
Vitaliy Guimaraes
Donnell Whittenburg
Alex Diab
Stephen Nedoroscik
Eddie Penev

They can name up to 21 according to Kensley Behel.

I’m pretty sure Brody has worn a cowboy hat before. 🤠

Shane Wiscus had a disastrous H Bar for 8.800. Three falls. Left for medical evaluation following the routine.

I assume he’ll be added by petition.

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