Elite Canada (Virtual) Series

I’m still confused on what’s happening with Canada vis-à-vis PanAm Championships.

Best score was counted in the final ranking, I believe.


  1. Ellie Black
  2. Ava Stewart
  3. Rose Woo


  1. Aurélie Tran
  2. Victoriane Charon
  3. Amy Jorgensen

David Kikuchi:

“I’m happy with the performances – some people were ready right away, and some just came in for the first time last week, but the level has been consistently improving for everybody which has been good to see.

It is still a really tough time, and it’s been a tough year and a bit …

“I’m also super glad that this all worked out doing these competitions virtually because we’ve never done anything like this before. It was a lot of work to set it up and to create the rules around it and how the judging was going to work, but it’s all worked really well, and so I’m really proud of that …”

Gymnastics Canada

Next up for the women’s artistic program is the Canadian Championships which are also being held virtually.

The juniors and seniors will submit videos for “Day 1” of competition from May 14-16, with judging taking place on May18.

“Day 2” competition videos will be submitted from May 19-21, with judging taking place on May 23rd.

The novice and JO competition will take place in June with video submissions from June 14-20, and judging taking place from June 25-27.

The athletes in all gymnastics disciplines who will be nominated to the Canadian Olympic team for Tokyo 2020 will be announced on June 17th.

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